Speed and Performance Optimization of WordPress

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Everyone hates slow websites. “Speed and Performance Optimization of WordPress”  is the key to success to attract visitors and to attain a good rank on Google. In this post I will explain how to increase  website speed and  performance. There are several tolls by which you can track your improvements. The most significant tolls is Google PageSpeed Insights. But there is a another great website gtmetrix.com by which you can monitor your progress as graph basis over a long time. gtmetrix.com tracks your performance on two grades

  1. Page Speed Grade
  2. YSlow Grade

Both are almost based on same set of rules, however your score would be different for each grade. Page Speed Grade is compatible to Google PageSpeed Insights
The following metrics/parameters are related to website Speed and getting higher grade

  1. Minifying JavaScript
  2. Minifying HTML
  3. Enabling compression
  4. Leverage browser caching
  5. Minify CSS
  6. Optimizing images
  7. Eliminating render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content
  8. Reducing server response time
  9. Avoiding landing page redirects
  10. Leverage browser caching
  11. Prioritize visible content

You may have started to think you have to do a lot of things. Don’t worry , only properly installed one or two plugins will solve all of those issues. I prefer to use W3 Total Cache which significantly improve your page speed and cover most of the points mentioned above. For producing optimize image , I recommend to use WP Smush.it. So all you have to do

  1. Install W3 Total Cache
  2. Install WP Smush.it
  3. Optimize WordPress Database at regular basis

Here is a nice description of installing “W3 Total Cache”. But be careful regarding Minify section. For some themes , it causes break up. If this happens you first set Minify Mode to Manual from Auto. If still your site looks break up , disable it. All other settings should be remained same.

Google created PageSpeed module for both Apache/Nginx webserver which significantly improves your website performance. If your website is hosted on VPS or dedicated server you can install PageSpeed module . As it is a Goggle invention its performance guarantee is must. Please read my another article http://www.techinfobest.com/optimize-website-with-pagespeed-module-for-apache/ to optimize your website. So at WordPress lable you install W3 Total Cache and at web server label you will install PageSpeed module.

You can register in http://gtmetrix.com/ and add your site to be monitored. Over the time, you will understand your progress.

Know your PageSpeed score from Google PageSpeed Insight service