Embedding Google Map in webpage

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Google Maps offers powerful, user-friendly mapping technology and local business information — including business locations, contact information, and driving directions.  Google Map offer free HTML code which you can incorporate any webpage including WordPress/Joomla/Drupal.  You can embed a Google Map into your webpage/blog using the following instructions.


  1. Visit maps.google.com  
  2. Type in any street address or geographic location and click the Search button.

Embedding Googl Map search.png

  1. Once your map is fully loaded, in the top left corner, click the main menu  ​.
  1. Select Share or embed map and a popup will appear, as illustrated below.


  1. Select the Embed tab as above and copy the code from the box. The code will begin with <iframe.
  2. In your Website/Blog  paste the code directly into your HTML page.