Creating Custom Google MAP

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Creating Custom Google MAP is an easy but powerful  way to represent  your location. You can  create  custom Google Map  and embedded it into your  websites or blog using the following instructions.


  1.  Visit the Google My Maps
  2. Create your map or open a map you’ve already created


Creating Custom Google MAP

  1. For Create a new map, Type in any street address or geographic location and click the Search button.

custom google map search button

  1. Once your map is fully loaded, click on Share in the upper right hand corner. A window will appear, as illustrated below.

Custom Google Map Share

  1. If your window says something other than “Public on the web”, click on Change and select Public.


  1. Click on the option button found left side of Add layer & Share button  and a pop-up window  will be opened . Click on  “Embed on my site”.

Google custom map embed on my site

  1. This will open a window with an embed link. Copy the entire code.

Google Custom Map embed code

  1. Paste the code directly into your website post or page.

Creating custom Google Map let you put different marker, distance, directions which will help your visitor more precisely identify your location’s highlights.