Create database and user in phpMyAdmin

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phpMyAdmin is a great tool to manage MySQL and MariaDB database.  Every cPanel allows  phpMyAdmin interface to manage the hosting database. It is often required to create a database  first  and  then create  a user who have  full permission on  that database only. Here I show step by step how to create database and user in phpMyAdmin. For instacne I will create a database named abantecart  and a user named testuser with password testpassword

1) Login to phpMyAdmin and select Databases. Under the Create database,  give your database name abantecart and submit create button.


2) You will see your database at left navigation side. Select your database abantecart  from left  side and then click Privileges from right side

Add user in phpMyAdmin

3) Click Add user under new

add user in phpmyadmin

4) Put your username  and password

add user in phpmyadmin


At the middle you will see Grant all privileges on database “abantecart which means user “testuser” has full access on database “abantecart.

4) Submit go button  at bottom right corner. Your will see the following screen if user is created successfully.


Most of the CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and e-commerce like Magento, Abantecart etc.  require  creating a database and a user who have sole permission of that database. By phpMyAdmin you can do it within five minutes.