Important windows commands

    • Check the remote port status
      curl -v telnet://<IP>:<Port>
      Test-NetConnection <IP> -port <Port>
    • Mapping port using SSH tunnel
      ssh -N  <user>@<remote_host>  -L 8080:localhost:80
      This command will open a listening port 8080  on localhost mapping remote port  80 of <remote_host>
    • Check the last boot time
      systeminfo | find /i "Boot Time"
    • Get your public IP programmatically
    • Change timezone from Windows cmd.
      tzutil /g # check current time zone
      tzutil /l # list all timezones
      tzutil /s "Central Standard Time" # set time zone
    •  Check the Resultant Set of Policy (RSoP) or Active Directory Group policy information for a target user and computer.
      gpresult /r
    •  Check AD user details.
      net user <username> /DOMAIN

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