Top 3 alternatives of Google Adsense

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Google Adsense is the best advertising network for online earning. However, nowadays it is very difficult for new bloggers or website owner to get approved from Adsense especially for those who wish to earn from Asia. I am also a new publisher.  Fortunately I got Adsense approval for my website   . I have another website for which I am yet to apply for Google Adsense .   For both my websites I have experienced many advertising network including Infolinks,, Chitika,, etc. Among those from my experience I have selected top 3 alternatives of Google Adsense.


1) -alternatives-of-Google-Adsense is an industry-leading technology company that develops innovative digital advertising products for both publishers and advertisers.  According to website  , by revenue, it runs the #2 largest contextual ads program globally. powers the Yahoo! Bing Network Contextual Ads program.   With you can create contextual ads relevant to the content of your blog or website.

I have applied as publisher for my website  and got the approval. After Google Adsense , is the second one who carefully analyzes your website and  gives approval if certain requirements are full filled as I didn’t manage approval for my other website.  As per my experience if you full fill the following main requirements, you would get approval

i) Niche and well audience targeted  website  or blog

ii) Daily unique visitors over 50

iii) Main language is English

iii) Most of the traffics are from USA, Canada and Europe


2) Infolinks


 Infolinks is another remarkable Google Adsense alternative.  Its  approval process  is very  simple and their terms are not that much hard.  According to Infolinks  digital advertising struggles under the weight of a fundamental reality: Internet users have learned to ignore conventional ads. So their approach is different than other advertiser networks

I have applied for 2 websites to infolinks and got approval immediately. I think the following requirements are enough to get approval

i) Niche website

ii) Daily unique visitors over 30


3) Epom


EPom is a self served ads providing network which joins you directly with publishers. And if you have a well established website or blog with decent traffic receiving then you can qualify for Google ads network via EPom. You can get indirectly Google ads network via EPom. Epom products include Epom Ad Server, Epom Market, Epom Direct Ads. The company’s flagship product is an integrated ad serving platform, amended by features for display, mobile devices and video ads.

Its approval process is also not hard and you can place it between and Infolinks. I have got approval easily for my website.  However, they took some time 7-14 days to complete the full process. The following requirements are enough for approval:

i) Niche website

ii) Daily unique visitor over 30

Everyone actually is looking for revenue when searching advertising network. So, I have made a comparison of RPM (revenue per thousand impressions) along with other features  according to  my experience

Table:  Comparison of  top 3 alternatives of Google Adsense

Company/Features Infolinks Epom
RPM $0.40 ~ $.60 $0.20 ~$0.30 $.40 ~ $.50
Pros i) Quality add from Yahoo/Bing
ii) RPM is very good
i) Very first approval
ii) Within one hour revenue earning is possible
iii) Don’t verify site content or other things
iv) Different innovative add idea
i) Quality add from Google
ii) RPM is good
Cons i) Approval is little difficult
ii) Expect traffic from USA, Canada and Europe
i) RPM is not good i) Slow to complete the approval process
ii) Wire transfer support after $10K
Support Support is good Support is good Support is good
Minimum payoff $100 $100 for Wire transfer and all other cases 50$ $100
Payment Method i) Support Wire transfer ( Publisher can deposit money directly to their local Banks through Bank SWIFT code)
ii) PayPal
i) Support Wire transferii) Payoneer prepaid debit cardiii) PayPal i) > $10K support wire transfer other than Paypal


Every website owner/Blogger wants to earn money through their websites.  But you know end to end pocketing money is not an easy task especially for small and beginner publisher.   And if you from Asia it become more difficult. You should have to consider approval process, minimum payoff, payment method. For Asia payment method is very important as most of the publishers doesn’t have PayPal.  In my opinion Wire transfer is the best and reliable. So, creating top 3 alternatives of Google Adsense list, I have considered all the above factors.